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My name is Joshua Grant and together with my wife Mellissa Grant we form the core of this competitive and passionate breeding and showing establishment. Our aim is that whilst ethically breeding attractive, sound and well adjusted dalmatians that we also work toward creating the most ideal, healthy dog that we possibly can by paying special attention to breed specific health problems and gradually working to eliminate or minimize them, without sacrificing the quintessential breed type of this captivating breed.

             Our involvement in dogs spans over years of dedication and involvement, both at national and international level and in Mellissa's case, one that has lasted over 3 generations in her family, and hopefully now 4, with the arrival of our beautiful daughters, Miranda, Alexandra and Peyton.  Our successes include Best In Show and Runner Up Best In Shows under local and International judges, many Group and class in Show wins, Puppy and Dog of the Year Qualifiers, National Pointscore Winners*, Number One Rising Star in the Breed Nationally*, Specialty Wins, Puppy of Breed at Royal Shows including Sydney and Brisbane, Puppy in Show at the Prestigious Dogs NSW Spring Fair and many other great wins as well with Mellissa having also won State Final handling competitions on 2 consecutive occasions, as well as Runner Up at the National Final in 2009.

 We look forward to a long involvement in the breed and hope one day to leave a positive legacy for future generations to love, nurture and improve as we are working to do with the dogs that incredibly skilled and talented breeders before us, have entrusted us. Thank you to those throughout the world whose generosity, trust, faith and knowledge have guided and inspired us and continue to do so on our journey.

 Extra special thanks must go to our long suffering families, without whom, our vision and dreams could never have been realized or indulged (a 7 hour drive to sub zero temperatures for my mum and camping aged 14 springs to mind). THANK YOU !

 For the Love of the Breed, we strive to create the "Best of the Breed"...


DOL Poinstcore 2011*

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